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Industry new

Deepen port cooperation and promote smooth trade

    According to the statistics of the United Nations Conference on Trade and development, 80% of the global trade in goods is realized by sea. In recent years, one of the "one belt, one road" has been promoted, and the countries along the coast have actively strengthened the interconnection and deepened port cooperation, and the level of port infrastructure construction and operation has been continuously improved. This will play an important role in promoting the economic development of all countries and promoting Global trade flow.

"Turn Gwadar Port into an oasis of prosperity"

    With the sound of cargo ship whistle, Gwadar Port in Pakistan is busy. One belt, one road ahead, is a major pilot project for China and Pakistan. In recent years, the port and Gwadar free zones and surrounding facilities have been making progress. Kashani, President of Gwadar Port Authority in Pakistan, said: "since its official operation in November 2016, the changes here are obvious to all."

    It is reported that Gwadar Port has full operational capacity and is actively expanding its business scope. At present, it is also cooperating with Ningbo Zhoushan port to move towards the development goal of logistics hub and industrial base. The first phase of Gwadar free zone has also been completed, with more than 40 enterprises participating in the investment, with a total investment of more than 3 billion yuan. The second phase of the free zone was launched in July last year, with an area 36 times that of the first phase. More and more investors have shown strong interest in Gwadar Port.

    In Gwadar Green Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., the vegetables in the greenhouse are growing well. The newly planted fungus is more than one person tall, and the China Pakistan friendship forest not far away is lush. The one belt, one road, tropical drought economic forest project and technology research center was established in the Gwadar free zone in October 2021, according to Wang Ruilei, the head of the company. Green cash crops such as fungus grass can not only improve the local environment, but also develop a new industrial model in Gwadar area with special geological conditions, so as to contribute to the promotion of local economic development. "Our dream is to turn Gwadar Port into an oasis of prosperity," he said

    Promoting local employment and improving people's livelihood has always been the development focus of Gwadar Port. Gwadar chemical fertilizer plant, animal vaccine plant, lubricating oil plant and other projects were announced to start last year. New Gwadar International Airport, Gwadar hospital and other projects are also under orderly construction.

Nasir, who came from a fisherman's family, is the project director of the logistics base in Gwadar free zone. Because the sheep breeding farm and chicken farm in charge of management are in good operation, he won the title of "excellent Pakistani employee of China Pakistan Economic Corridor Project" in 2021. "In the new year, I have a new goal." Nasir said that with the centralized development of Gwadar free zone, the breeding scale of the logistics base will continue to expand. "It is hoped that with the development of Gwadar Port, our animal husbandry can also achieve new development."

    Khalid Mansour, special assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan for China Pakistan Economic Corridor affairs, said that the rapid development of Gwadar Port has provided Pakistan with new opportunities to connect with the world and brought new impetus to Pakistan's economic development. "Local people have found new jobs, learned new technologies and developed new industries, and their living conditions have been greatly improved."

    "This is a completely different port than Hong Kong"

    About 10 kilometers southwest of Athens, the capital of Greece, on the Bank of saronikos Bay in the Aegean Sea, lies the port of Piraeus (hereinafter referred to as "port of Piraeus"). In Greek, Piraeus means "the place to guard the passage". Since the establishment of the port more than 400 BC, it has always been an important port in Greece. After several twists and turns, bigang's business condition was once poor.

    "Chinese enterprises have come here to invest in construction and usher in a new life than Hong Kong." The Greek Tassos wamwakidis has worked here for nearly 50 years and witnessed the revival of bigang. COSCO Shipping's investment has contributed to the rapid development of Bihai port. The container throughput has increased significantly from the 93rd place in the world in 2010 to the 26th place in 2020. The project has made a cumulative direct social contribution of more than 1.4 billion euros. "This is already a completely different port, with new equipment, new infrastructure and new technology."

    In May 2021, the first "bigang Sofia" land sea express train loaded with 29 containers departed from bigang container terminal. Just more than 40 hours later, the train arrived in the suburb of Sofia, Bulgaria, and the delivery time was 6 days shorter than the traditional transportation mode. This is another measure taken by China to continue to invest in the construction of BIHONG Kong and the construction of China EU land and Sea Express line.

    "The project is progressing smoothly, the port is operating normally, and projects such as ship repair yards are being planned... The Greek government is confident that bigang will become a new hub for cruise terminals in the Mediterranean region." Prakiotakis, Minister of shipping and island policy of Greece, introduced that during the epidemic prevention and control period, Chinese enterprises not only ensured the normal production of various business sectors, but also actively supported the epidemic prevention and resumption of work and production of the local government, and established a good brand image of Chinese enterprises.

    "In recent years, the successful cooperation between Greece and China has helped Belgium and Hong Kong effectively respond to the impact of the epidemic." Wamwakidis said that bigang has performed well in the Mediterranean and even Europe. It has not only contributed to the economic recovery and development of Greece, but also played a role in maintaining the smooth flow of Global trade.

     The story of the all-round development of bigang continues. Greece is one of the countries with the longest coastline in Shanghai in the world. It is rich in tourism resources. Bigang is also a hub port connecting various island scenic spots. There are broad opportunities for cruise business. At the beginning of 2020, in combination with local characteristics and in line with the new development trend of the cruise industry, bigang cruise terminal expansion project was launched. It is expected that after the completion of the project in 2023, the cruise home port will reliably park a large cruise ship with a length of 360 meters and a passenger capacity of 6000 people, helping to enhance the international competitiveness of the port.

"Contribute to accelerating regional economic integration"

    The vast sky, the blue ocean, the brand-new port bridge crane stand, and the colorful containers are stacked neatly. In Manda Bay, Lamu County, at the northern end of Kenya's coastline, berth 1 of Lamu port, constructed by China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. (CCCC), is busy. Joshua, a 28 year old Kenyan engineer, clearly remembers the scene when Berth 1 opened in 2021 - ships loaded with goods gradually approached and parked orderly, "it's a feeling of dream come true".

    For a long time, Kenya has only one international port, Mombasa port. With the increasing saturation of throughput, the port capacity is becoming more and more tense, and the economic development is restricted. As one of the key large-scale projects in Kenya's 2030 long-term plan, Lamu port under construction can accommodate 100000 ton cargo ships and store about 63000 containers. Among them, CCCC specifically undertakes the construction of berth 1-3 of Lamu port.

    The total length of berth 1-3 of Lamu port is 1200 meters, and thousands of steel pipe piles are required only. The project team decided to establish a local steel pipe pile factory. In December 2016, with the roar of machinery, the first spiral welded pipe automatic production line in East Africa was officially put into operation. Due to the customized and localized length of steel pipes, the excess steel pipes can be recycled and spliced, which reduces the cost and improves the efficiency, laying a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the project.

    Samatar, general manager of Lamu port, introduced that the construction of the new port will drive the infrastructure construction in Lamu region and even the whole of Kenya, bring tens of thousands of employment opportunities to local people, bring a lot of cooperation opportunities to local manufacturers, suppliers and subcontractors, and promote the development of local economy.

    Lamu port project is also an important part of the construction of "Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia transport corridor". Kenyan President Kenyatta said during his inspection of the project that this new transportation corridor will greatly promote regional trade and economic and social development and provide a more reliable and convenient access to the sea for Ethiopia, South Sudan and northern Kenya. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abby said: "as a key link of dry port transportation, Ramu port will provide strong support for Ethiopia's commodity import and export and help accelerate the realization of regional economic integration."



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